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In the winter of 2008, Nya’ travelled to California for a skiing vacation in the prodigious mountains of Squaw Valley. The breathtaking scenery, comprised of a mellifluous range of snow blanketed mountains enveloped in a celestial dome that periodically opens to pardon a warm and serene shower of light left an indelible mark in the memory of the creative genius.

Upon his return, and after investing exorbitant hours in meditation and prayer, a torrent of affluent and immediately captivating colors reminiscent of the deluge of snow cascading down the mountains of Squaw Valley enraptured his canvases. Of the three large scale paintings that ensued, all portraying the theme of freedom, it is this painting, “Genesis of Eternity,” that can be distinguished as intensely evocative, profusely enamoring and invariably engaging.

Grounded on Belgian linen, “Genesis of Eternity” is a silent cacophony of rich hues that flirt – communicate - bond - and eventually intercourse with a symphonic liberty that subtly evokes the work of arguably the greatest American abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock.

Alluding to the theme of freedom, which the artist defines as “every Man’s divine right to discover his purpose and dominate, subdue and replenish his field of calling with the authority and power of God’s Blessing,” perhaps “Genesis of Eternity” is best described by a 31-word verse which Nya’ composed in honor of the painting, it poignantly reads,

“In His Kingdom of Light, every breathing mortal has the unabridged liberty to freely enjoy the healing, joy, peace, prosperity, security and glory that Christ purchased with His blood…”

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