ignorance is…

Ignorance is every Man’s greatest challenge.

Ignorance is not knowing, stupidity is refusing to learn, and foolishness is refusing to listen to those who know.

Ignorance is every Man’s greatest mountain or hurdle; obstacle; hindrance; impediment that lies along the way to his glorious destiny.

ignorance and complaining…

Wherever a culture of criticizing, complaining and corruption is incubated and matured, the talented are ignored, the gifted are persecuted and ignorance is rewarded.

ignorance and conscience…

The eyes of the ignorant see the warning sign of danger ahead as a license to banish all caution, retire conscience and accelerate speed or hurry ahead; go faster.

ignorance and destiny…

Ignorance is the malodorous odor behind enduring shame and the sustainer or maintainer; upholder; booster; the backbone of sorrow and regret.

What you refuse to learn and what remains veiled to your eyes remains the source of your ignorance and the plunderer or looter; pillager; marauder of your glorious destiny.

ignorance and dishonor…

Dishonor and disrespect for God’s image and likeness (people) is incontrovertible evidence of your ignorance of Him.

Ignorance birthed, matured and willed to the next generation invariably has its roots in the spirit of dishonor.

Where God’s Word is dishonored, ignorance flourishes and dreams and visions void of a foundation are hastily erected.

ignorance and disobedience…

A Man’s ignorance of how an appliance works is never an excuse for not obeying the manufacturer’s instructions.

A Man of wisdom understands that his ignorance of how a law works does not give him an excuse for disobeying it.

Every pathological report issued upon the wreckage of the ignorant inventories innumerable warning signs that were disobeyed or disregarded; ignored; shunned.

ignorance and emotions…

A nation that permits ignorance to host its conversation has authorized emotions to empower the decisions of its leaders.

Ignorance destroys your capacity to temporarily detain your emotions, employ your mind, deploy your reasoning and think your way through your predicament.

The cataracts of ignorance render your eyes blind to the inescapable facts of your predicament by authorizing your emotions to head or lead; shepherd; guide; direct your footsteps.

Where the spirit of ignorance reigns, emotions are crowned the chief advocate to plead the people’s case before the righteous judge (God).

Where ignorance is allowed to thrive, Man is held in captivity by the current tide, he is imprisoned by the present trend, he is subjugated by the viral subject of the day and enslaved by the emotions of the hour.





Acts 3:17

John 13:7

Job 37:19

Luke 23:34