Painting Synopsis
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In “Escort of Wisdom,” Nya’s rich palette bleeds out across the surface in a deft amalgam of light and dark hues. Besides creating a highly evocative atmosphere, intensified by the dripping organic shapes awash with color, the large-scale composition, grounded on a heavily textured surface plays into the viewer’s sense of perception through exposing the transient nature of light. A potent, resplendent and glorious dose of light portrayed in tones of lamp white and multifarious shades of gold, namely amber, saffron, jasmine and sunglow illuminate the entire picture plane.

The sheer power of the light, awash with its autonomous and inexorable strength, pierces through and reaches the dark cavities of the piece, thereby making it facile for the viewer to see and read the coded text inscribed across the bottom of the composition.

By using callous, heavy, hard and unforgiving materials as the ground and in the shape of a door akin to the ones used to cage criminals in prison; and overlaying it with a coat of incandescent colors and eternal promises of Hope from the New Covenant; it becomes apparent that “Escort of Wisdom” is an allusion to the Rhema word of God, and in particular; its preternatural capacity to restore, rejuvenate, revive, reinvigorate, resuscitate, redeem, reconcile and recreate degenerated hearts and feeble spirits.

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