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Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 98 sketch by Nya'

©Nya’ 2004 - 2020. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

heir of inheritance. x-ray 98

Where true identity resides, faith abides & destiny is preserved

DECEMBER 09 –  11 2021




A private exhibition showcasing select x-rays of Nya’s work, “Heir of Inheritance” was held on Friday, December 8, at the artist studio in New York.


The exhibition was coupled with the launch and recital of select chapters from the manuscript of his book, “The perfect sample of a true leader,” in which thirteen of the x-rays are featured.


The intricately detailed graphite drawings on display, defined as x-rays by the artist, ingresses the viewer deep into the heart of “Heir of Inheritance” and examine what the artist was subconsciously discerning in the sanctuary of his opulent imagination as he was conceiving and making the highly anticipated work which is scheduled for unveiling in 2025.


In the main drawing in the exhibition, “heir of inheritance. x-ray 98” (7 x 9.5 inch., 17.78 cm x 24.13 cm), Nya’ covered an immaculate pencil and charcoal rendered “alien-like” figure with keen Scriptures and coded Biblical references to highlight a key characteristic of the Spirit of faith. 


Defined in one of his “Eternal Capsules” as “the driver of vision and defender of hope,” the artist describes the Spirit of faith is an ever-speaking, ever-confessing and ever-professing force which speaks the naturally unspeakable, confesses the carnally unutterable and professes the intellectually incomprehensible in order to restore, rebuild and reform the desolate, deformed and devastated.  


This is primarily depicted by the Word transforming from charcoal, to silver and  eventually into gold as it continues to surge within the figure’s bosom. Rendered in oodles of thick layers to cover both the figure’s internal organs and external environment, the Word’s efficacious nature, unrepentant character and dominating potency is unquestionable and indubitable.


In essence, the Word implanted in the figure is an incontrovertible testament to how when the eternal Word of the Creator becomes the rudder of a Man’s thoughts and tongue and the GPS of his or her footsteps, the mortal body is wholly restored, his strength is revived, his capacity is enlarged and everything he touches is imparted with the divine nature of his Creator and Manufacturer.


Aside from the Word, the splendid motifs, august medals and invaluable gems adorning the figure’s garment as well as its impressive arms and the sling of David on its right side (which is also comprised of the Word) represent how the fruits of vision, children of wisdom and proof of character, namely dominion, authority, power, wealth, strength, glory, valor, honor and prudence naturally accompany a person possessed by the spirit of faith.


At the heart of perhaps the most pulsating work in the exhibition, “heir of inheritance. x-ray 107,” (6.5 x 8.5 inch., 16.51 cm x 21.59 cm), is a depiction of one of the most preeminent themes in Nya’s oeuvre, the theme of leadership.

Heir of Inheritance FINAL-01.png

 ©Nya’ 2004 - 2020. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

heir of inheritance. x-ray 107

Inaugurated on the altar of sacrifice when any human being makes the quality and irrevocable decision to pursue their divine assignment in the field of their calling, leadership is God’s gift to the spirit specie of Mankind (male and female) which He prepared for every human being before He created and sent us to earth and it resides in our individual gifts.


A key characteristic that distinguishes a true leader committed to adding enduring value to humanity through tirelessly serving his gift thereby satisfying the demands of his assignment alluded to in this x-ray is identity.


As depicted by the solid gold dial within the figure’s bosom representing the indwelling Spirit of the Creator and from where the light feeding the entire x-ray plane is emanating, a true leader comprehends through a working revelation of the truth from the Spirit of Truth dwelling in him that he was and is uniquely created in the image of his Creator and Manufacturer, God.


Furthermore, as represented by the ten distinguished gold stones on the figure’s chest, a true leader is always cognizant of his peculiar gift which he knows was granted to him to righteously dominate and transform the field of his calling and manifest the perfect culture, character and qualities of his Creator resident in him.


It is this firm comprehension of his identity which he sustains by listening to, by hearing and obeying the Spirit of His Creator that liberates and elevates him into his position of authority and greatness in his field of calling as alluded to by the figure’s majestic mien.


An “Eternal Capsule” composed from the x-ray notes accompanying the exhibition sums up Nya’s divine perspective on the subject of leadership and identity as alluded to in the works on display, and it reads;



”A true leader preserves his glorious destiny by employing the virtue of character and retaining his focus on the author of his identity...”

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