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©Nya’ 2004 - 2020. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

heir of inheritance. x-ray 23

Every assignment exposes the character of its source


APRIL 14 –  16  2022



 FRIDAY, APRIL 15,  7 – 10 PM

A private exhibition displaying select x-rays of Nya’s work, “Heir of Inheritance” was held this past weekend at the artist studio in Brooklyn, New York.


Defined as x-rays by the artist, the meticulously detailed drawings on display walks you through the construction phases of every key element comprising the composition of this highly anticipated work which is scheduled for unveiling in 2025.


The exhibition was coupled with the launch and recital of select chapters from the manuscript of his book, “A true leader abides in his identity,”  in which the x-rays are also featured.


In the anchor piece of the exhibition, “heir of inheritance. x-ray 23” (8 x 8.5 inch., 20.32 cm x 21.59 cm), Nya’ implanted a gold disc under the figure’s left clavicle to reveal what was in the Creator’s mind when He created Mankind. Essentially, how God did not create any human being to rule, lead and control his fellow Man (male or female) but for every one of us to manifest the spirit of leadership through our divine ability and capabilities; in essence, our unique gifts. 


While the gold disc’s distinction, protection and preservation within the figure’s body in the x-ray depicts how every human being was sent to earth pre-packaged with their gift, the nations of the earth clasped in the figure’s hands represent how the preservation and transformation of the systems of the world managing the earth is determined by the gifts of Man.


As also illustrated by the gold disc's inseparability from the infinite circles representing the universal Spirit of the Creator, what reveals the power, glory, wisdom, riches, honor, blessing, and strength hidden in every person is not his or her skin color, gender, pedigree, education or nationality. It is one’s revelatory discovery of his or her unique gift and imperishable identity as a spirit-specie bearing the identical image of the Creator and sustainer of the universe, God.


In fact, as alluded to by the celestial hues of purple, scarlet, silver, and blue adorning the figure’s royal robe, the revelation of Man’s original identity comes from the author and source of his unique gift, from whence he also obtains his purpose and provision for his divine assignment.


It is abiding in this revelation of his inherent royal identity that grants Man the confidence to persevere in serving his gift until he is elevated to his preordained position of influence as alluded to by the figure’s seemingly unending ascension and the oodles of jewelry adorning its breastplate.


In the other piece in the exhibition, a graphite and ink drawing comprised of charcoal, silver and purple pigment, and gold foil on aged tracing paper, “heir of inheritance. x-ray 67,” 8.5 x 9 inch., (21.59 cm x 22.86 cm), Nya’ depicts the nature of every divine assignment and reveals the key to ensure its fulfillment.

Heir of Inheritance FINAL-01.png
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©Nya’ 2004 - 2020. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

heir of inheritance. x-ray 67

As represented by the purple square within the map of Africa enclosed in a sphere, every divine assignment is confined to a specific community, nation and continent. However, its effects were predestined to be global and generational as alluded to by the figure’s exaltation over the entire world map.


The figure’s confidence despite its faceless head and the unmistakable weight on its shoulders represent the unprejudiced nature of a divine assignment, especially how the assignment keeps a Man motivated and inspired in spite of the tremendous amount of work and responsibilities he has to undertake to ensure its accomplishment.


And while the multifarious circles framing every element in the x-ray represent how an assignment invariably consists of time and process, their robustness and replicating cell-like pattern represents the abounding energy, vitality, growth and enthusiasm that embodies a Man energized by His Creator’s Spirit as he diligently works to fulfill his divine assignment.


Accompanying this exhibition is a catalogue of keenly selected “Eternal Capsules” from Nya’s “Divine Inspiration” series and one of them embodies the spirit of this exhibition. It simply reads:


“When your divine assignment becomes your only obsession and sole reason for breathing, your flesh has discovered the wellspring of inexhaustible strength...”

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