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©Nya’ 2014 - 2017. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

keeper of time. x-ray 6

Preparation sets a gift on the path to influence

DECEMBER 08 –  10,  2022



 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 09,  7 – 10 PM

“Preparation sets a gift on the path to influence” a Seed Gallery sponsored private exhibition featuring select drawings and illustrations of Nya’s work, “Keeper of Time” was opened on Thursday, March 7, at the artist studio in downtown, New York.


On view were complex and painstakingly detailed drawings which the artist defines as x-rays. Aside from their immediately alluring appeal, they capture and expresses the principal attributes and values weaved in the composition of the massive work scheduled to be unveiled in 2026.


Also accompanying the exhibition was the launch and recital of the manuscript of his book, “A true leader redeems time,” in which the x-rays are also featured.


The main piece of the exhibition, “keeper of time. x-ray 6,” 6.5 x 8.5 inch., (16.51 cm x 21.59 cm) continues Nya’s exploration of the theme of leadership, time and purpose by depicting the inseparable bond between a gift, work and the Spirit of leadership.


With draftsman precision, the artist achieved this great feat by seamlessly threading together five white rings (representing a Man’s unique gift) to an intricate network of wheels attached to every important element in the x-ray, primarily the figure’s imposing arm and hand that represent work and the solid gold dial representing the Spirit of leadership.


The dazzling whites used for the rings (representing a Man’s unique gift) and the rotunda working as both the elbow of the impressive figure’s arm and the epicenter of the clock dials shows how every human being’s unique gift is the foundation upon which he commences and establishes his divine work as well as prioritize his time according to his divine assignment.


The Spirit of leadership, represented by the solid gold dial represents The Spirit of God resident in the re-born spirit of every Man. He (The Holy Spirit) is the wisdom and knowledge of the Creator of the universe responsible for showing Man what belongs to him as a legal custodian and overseer of the colony of earth.


The Holy Spirit is also responsible for teaching any Man how to express his leadership spirit in his field of calling by remaining in right standing with his Creator in order to ensure the recreation of the perfect world of Heaven on earth.


This is represented by the figure’s perfect alignment with the solid gold dial and Scripture reference coated in gold and rendered along the left spine of the x-ray plane.      


The connection of the dazzling white rings (representing a Man’s unique gift) and the solid gold dial representing the Spirit of leadership (The Holy Spirit) also represents how every human being’s unique gift was granted by His Creator and Source hence will never leave him, withdraw from him or desert him. Simply put, every person’s gift is divinely granted hence is irrevocable, imperishable and immutable.


However, as alluded to by the unrecognizable, hidden and ash-covered face of the figure, it is possible and unfortunately more widespread for a person to abandon, desert, forsake, withdraw from or simply ignore his or her gift.

The animal-dung-smeared face of the figure also depicts how the spirit of fear can fog a Man’s identity to ensure that he never discovers his gift nor listen to the Spirit of leadership (The Holy Spirit) sent back to earth to ensure that every human fulfills his leadership mandate of recreating the world of Heaven in his area of gifting and field of assignment.


On the other hand, the hidden identity of the figure as well as its lugubrious charcoal-covered hand also shows how until a human discovers his gift, he remains a mere victim of fear whose hands are hired as tools to profit a world system that is designed to remain oblivious to the inestimable worth, immeasurable value and earth transforming power hidden in every gift.    



In one of the two graphite drawings in the exhibition, “keeper of time. x-ray 52,” (6 x 8.5 inch., 15.24 cm x 19.05 cm), Nya’ employed a combination of collage and chiaroscuro techniques to single out key elements that he used to represent the nature and characteristics of a unique gift.

Keeper of Time gold on white-01.png

©Nya’ 2014 - 2017. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

keeper of time. x-ray 52

Undoubtedly the most recognizable element in this x-ray because of its color and location are the rings representing a Man’s unique gift.


In his ”Kingdom Lexicon,” Nya’ describes a Man’s gift as an internal siren which calls him to his assignment in the field of his calling. This unique siren, as alluded to by the rings’ connection to every cell, organ and nerve within the figure’s torso, will never stop ringing until a Man answers the call by beginning to diligently develop his gift through acquiring the necessary skill, wisdom, knowledge and understanding requisite to its maturation.


Aside from being attached to the figure’s bosom, the gold rings representing a Man’s unique gift are also clutched in the figure’s hand to show that every person’s preordained position of leadership resides in serving his gift to humanity.


In his x-ray notes accompanying the exhibition, Nya’ singled out a sentence that later became a part of his “Eternal Capsules” which sums up the eminence of every human to discover, develop and serve his or her gift; it reads as follows:


“Through your unique gift, you produce your service, your service produces your credibility and your credibility produces your influence, and your influence produces your dominion...”

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