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heir of inheritance. x-ray 76

Condition of x-ray


Art Theory

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X-ray Synopsis:

This drawing, an x-ray of Nya’s work “Heir of Inheritance,” exposes the intrinsic nature of every human being’s unique gift and his innate leadership spirit. As represented by the impressive figure standing tall above the world, the sole reason why Man was created and sent to earth is for leadership and his entire genetic make-up and the earth he was given to dominate only respond positively to him when he discovers from His Creator - his unique gift, and his true identity, his heritage, his purpose, his potential and his assignment.

As particularly portrayed in the x-ray by the resplendent discs within the figure (representing the unique gift in every human), God created every person to be a leader in the area of his gifting. God did not create any human to rule, lead and control his fellow Man but to discover his unique gift and manifest the spirit of leadership through his unique gift initially in the field of his calling and ultimately the world.

Birthed upon the discovery, diligent development and strategic, innovative and persistent serving of one’s unique gift to initially his field of calling and ultimately the world, true and enduring leadership is not about Man trying to find followers. Rather, it is the energetic and fervent serving of one’s carefully incubated and prepared gift to the world. In other words, leadership is about being a servant; a consecrated servant who is eternally committed to whole-heartedly please his Creator by serving his Grace granted gift until the world is transformed as alluded to in the x-ray by the resplendent gold and shimmering silver now covering distinct continents on the world map.

Furthermore, as suggested in the x-ray by the faceless nature of the figure, it is not a person’s skin color, ethnicity or physical appearance that will elevate him to become an enduring marvel in the world, it is his quality decision to sagaciously utilize the incorruptible and immortal tool of ‘work’ and become a “slave to his unique gift. In other words, as represented by the massive arms of the figure continuously extending to cover the entire planet, when a person has discovered his gift,  he or she must be swallowed up in his work to meet the constantly growing demands of refining and  serving it.

The word slave also means that developing the gift, refining and serving it must become his single purpose for living. And as alluded to by the coded numbers and letters surrounding the figure, the word slave also means that one must become a learner for life, a student perpetually bound to the bidding of his gift; a slave whose principle task is to fulfill the wants, dreams, desires and pleasures of his gift and assignment for the rest of his natural life.

In essence, this inseparable and irrevocable bond between a Man, his gift, and the Spirit who granted him the gift, (represented in the x-ray by the figure’s hands, the resplendent discs and the coded Scripture verses) is the secret behind the unmistakable dominion of this faceless, genderless and raceless figure.

Extract from: A true leader manifests his heirship through dominion © 2022, Seed Gallery, New York.

X-ray Condition:

Only 50 versions of this drawing (heir of inheritance. x-ray 6) will ever be produced.

Color and texture with three-dimensional effects are assiduously aggregated to each blueprint by the artist, specifically the splendid gold, silver and bronze hues.

The texture created and specific shade of gold used for the 50 renderings will be different  in each drawing. This therefore makes each x-ray unique and impossible to replicate.

The algorithm employed by Nya’ to produce the unique shades of gold used for each rendering is documented by the gallery. It will be included on the certificate of authenticity accompanying the x-ray.

In view of the fact that the artist painstakingly adds the texture, color and other fine detail graphite marks for each rendering, should the x-ray not be available, it requires an allowance of 60-90 days for completion before it is cured, carefully packaged and delivered.

The artwork is delivered unframed, wrapped in humid-free conversation paper and packaged flat in a custom box specifically designed to ensure its protection in transit and preservation over time.



In line with Seed Gallery’s inalienable rights for collectors of Nya’s work, upon purchasing a limited x-ray(s) or an original painting(s), you are granted access from the gallery’s portal into the private section (reserved for collectors) where you are able to view privileged excerpts into the creation of the artwork, the number of renderings acquired, provenance history and/or liaise with other collectors.


Upon purchase of the x-ray, a Seed Gallery Art Advisor will be available to grant you expert advice on presentation, protection, framing and preservation of the artwork.

Secondary Art Market:

Every work by Nya′ is a unique stock with intrinsic value that far exceeds the asking price. Accordingly, when you acquire a limited-edition x-ray(s) by Nya′, you become a “valued collector” investing in an inimitable asset with the potential of earning favorable returns on the secondary art market. In order to realize satisfactory returns on the investment, every valued collector has inalienable rights and privileges stipulated in the gallery’s constitution that affords access to information regarding acquisitions, promotions, loaning and price changes of the artist’s work.

To warrant that a valued collector remains abreast with the positions taken by the gallery, you have unabridged access to eminent information pertaining to the following;

·   X-rays available on the secondary art market.

·   Art market indices, including the current market price of the x-ray.

Art Theory:


heir of inheritance. x-ray 76


Graphite, ashes, custom gold hue, silver and bronze pigments, gouache on hand-distressed parchments


32 x 24 inches (81.2 cm x 60 cm) – with the white matte surface

Evolution of x-ray:

2015 - 2020

Edition Number:

The edition number of the 50 limited renderings (for example, 18/50) is inscribed by the artist in custom pigment at the bottom of the artwork and authenticated by the gallery


Artist signature in gold at the bottom right hand corner of the piece


Delivered unframed and packaged flat in a custom box specifically designed for protection in transit and preservation over time.

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