focus is…

Focus is a seed bound to yield her fruit in the prescribed or determined; stipulated; established season of your expectation.

Focus is an attitude that detests the very thought of conforming in the valley of comfort before you have been to the wilderness of tests and trials where your distinction is sealed and the blueprint of your assignment is granted.

Focus is completely immersing or saturating; marinating; submerging the prime or best; principal; first fruits of your passion to your present task without losing sight of your ultimate vision.

Focus is choosing or selecting and singling out, electing or designating what masters you and whatever keeps your focus becomes your master or lord; owner; ruler; employer.

Focus is the divine power that neutralizes or nullifies; obviate; wipes out; renders void all the things detrimental to your glorious future.

focus and character…

When your currency of focus is not guaranteed by reserves of character, inflation is inescapable and your crash is inevitable.

focus and complaining…

It is the nature of focus to hate the syllabus of complainers and vowels of procrastinators.

The feet of the focused naturally flee the sight of critics, the mouths of gossipers and the lips of complainers and slanderers.

focus and destiny…

Any Man who breaks or divides, scatters, splits or interrupts your focus is an enemy to your vision and glorious destiny.

Postponed focus is a malignant cell that eventually eats away the energy, passion and perseverance indispensable to abiding in your calling and reaching your glorious destination.

The worth and destiny of a disciple is measured by the price he is willing to pay to retain his focus on his Master teacher and mentor.

focus and doubt…

When dodging the daggers of doubt become your constant focus on the course to your destination, it is incontrovertible that your faith is under siege.

When every flashing exit sign along the highway to your destination becomes attractive to your sight, it is evidence that the GPS of your focus has been compromised or weakened; damaged; undermined by doubt and fear.

focus and dominion…

Focus is like yeast that only mixes with the dough upon establishing its mission, objective, strategy and tactics to infiltrate, influence, impact, dominate and transform the entire batch.

The hope of a seed resides in its capacity to remain blind to a carpet of weeds surrounding the soil and focus on the power to rise and dominate invested within it.





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Luke 9:62 Psalm 119:2

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