an idea is…

An idea(s) is a thought that communicates or convey; impart; announce; pass on beliefs.

An idea is birthed or conceived; produced through careful, keen or eager; earnest; spirited; passionate observation of your environment.

An idea is a solution or an answer that eradicates, eliminates; terminates; exterminate; abolish and do away with poverty and immensely increase enthusiasm and joy.

an idea can...

An idea can never be destroyed because it fosters in a place where no physical weapon can reach - the mind.

An idea can create or make; produce; develop; generate and give birth to a lifetime of provision, supply, abundance and resources.

An idea can come to you even if it is not respected or valued, well thought of; praised and esteemed by people around you, including your family.

An idea can be transferred to your unborn children or handed over; passed on; transmitted and live on for generations.

ideas and the world’s political systems

All “isms,” created by Man, e.g. communism, capitalism, monarchism, imperialism, socialism, and democracy and dictatorship where all born of ideas authored, fostered, and groomed by Man who, though they died a long time ago, still live on in the practice of these ideas in our modern world.

All laws and legislation created by Man are products of ideas, and the social and cultural standards in all communities throughout the world are results of ideas that societies have embraced as acceptable and thus manifested in social behavior.

Every government in every nation on earth is guided or led; piloted; shepherded; steered; ushered and regulated (controlled or governed) by ideas.

ideas and earth…

The battle of earth was, is, and will always be a battle of ideas.

Everything on this earth began or was birthed by an idea and is the result of the manifestation of that idea.

The planet rotates under the power or force; strength; potency; persuasiveness; intensity and cogency of ideas - and these ideas are the source or cause of the conditions on this earth.

man and ideas…

If you kill a Man, you do not destroy his ideas.

A Man’s life is an exact replica of the ideas he has received or accepted, acquired; embraced.

A Man cannot change until new ideas have been exposed or revealed; exhibited; concealed; uncovered; shown to him. The only way to eradicate or destroy; kill; annihilate a bad idea is with a better idea, for an idea can only be exterminated by another idea.