planning is…

Planning is the design of a step by step approach to accomplish a set goal.

Planning is setting the agenda or program; calendar, timetable for the future.

Planning is the cheapest or economical; cost effective; inexpensive way of avoiding waste.

Planning is the ordering or carefully arranging of priorities in a bid to accomplish a given task.

Planning is Man’s proactive response to the inevitable or unavoidable; inescapable; assured; fixed; ordained; unpreventable changes of life.

Planning is incontrovertible or undeniable; irrefutable evidence that you have not abandoned or relinquished; deserted; discarded your future to the fear empowered hands of luck, fate or chance; fortune.

Planning is conspicuous proof that you have not succumbed to the erroneous, debilitating, potential robbing and destiny destroying religious belief that God is in control and He will do whatever He wants.

planning empowers…

Planning empowers or authorizes; commissions; qualifies; licenses purpose to deliver.

Planning empowers purpose for a very gallant or bold; daring; valiant; mettlesome delivery.

Planning empowers a Man to regulate and choose the future he wants, desires or hopes for; yearns for; longs for; hungers for.

planning gives…

Planning gives value or worth; eminence; significance to purpose.

plan and purpose…

A plan may change, but purpose is permanent.

A plan without the understanding of “purpose” is always subject to anxiety, guilt, failure, frustration, depression, remorse, ruin and eventually death.

No Man can outgrow or can grow too large, too mature, too rich, too wise, too smart for his need for a divine plan.

Purpose precedes planning and purpose is more important or critical; primary; weighty; far-reaching and powerful than a plan.

Purpose or will; or the original intention is and must be established and utterly comprehended before planning; for without purpose, life and every plan a Man makes is a futile experiment dependant on fate, sheer serendipity and his futile and evanescing carnal abilities.

There is no plan, thought, idea, concept, will, intent or purpose of any Man that is hidden or veiled; secrete; disguised; buried; shrouded; masked; camouflaged from his Creator.

Planning and faith…

Even though victory is guaranteed, the plan of God for your life is subject to ridicule, immeasurable obstacles, incalculable hindrances and frustrating setbacks contrived by the enemy to contaminate your Faith.