prayer is…

Prayer is the altar of the renewal of strength.

Prayer is the rod of God’s strength in the midst of His people.

Prayer is the power service station for every citizen of God’s Kingdom.

Prayer is what authorizes God to release or liberate; deliver; discharge; send His power.

Prayer is a medium through which Man is clothed with his spiritual body from Heaven.

Prayer is not just about being Blessed but gaining command of Blessings in the Kingdom.

Prayer is what connects or links; unites; join; attach Man to a God to whom nothing is impossible.

Prayer is a spiritual medium in the Kingdom of God to get command of things and not to just get things.

Prayer is a spiritual platform on which Man is guaranteed to perennially grow from strength to strength.

Prayer is a lifestyle or a way of life, a custom and or expected behavior for every citizen of God’s Kingdom.

Prayer is a place to gain divine advantage over your adversity, sorrow, trouble or hardship; suffering; misery.

Prayer is the vehicle that goes into eternity and takes what is yours and bring it to manifestation or reality; appearance; materialization.

Prayer is Man giving God license, - official or legal permission - to interfere, intercede or intervene on earthly affairs.

Prayer is the alter of empowerment and empowerment puts you above circumstances or situations; environments; conditions that annihilate the dreams, visions and destiny of other Man.

Prayer is a legal petition or an entreaty; earnest appeal; invocation; request; supplication of asserting your rights and privileges or benefits, advantages, birthright; entitlement as a legal citizen of God’s Kingdom.

Prayer is business with the heavenly government. It is where a citizen of God’s Kingdom brings a legal claim to a legitimate or lawfully authorized and rightful government authority and demands or requests; claims; asks; calls for the government’s immediate response.

prayer and faith…

Faith, praise, prayer and fasting are the ultimate or decisive; paramount; topmost; supreme weapons to defeat the devil in the Kingdom of God.

prayer and dignity…

Just like no eagle can do without its wings, no child of God has dignity or majesty; grandeur; status; royalty; nobility; gravity; glory without prayer and fasting as part of his life.

prayer is petition…

The King of Heaven needs Man to pray so that we can give the invisible world – Heaven - access to the visible world – earth - through our legal authority on earth as humans - for what happens on earth is entirely based on what Man allows.