passion is…

Passion is willingness to pay the price in order to accomplish your divine assignment.

passion is a…

Passion is a burning, intense and all-consuming desire that is stronger than death.

passion is the…

Passion is the breath or oxygen; energy; vitality; lifeblood of leadership.

Passion is the invisible fire from within that has the power to attract people from afar field to your gift and provide the skills and resources required until your vision is realized.

passion will…

Passion will keep you focused or glued; fixated on your vision.

Passion will save you when people attack or assault; vilify; berate; abuse you.

Passion will protect you when people despise or rebuke; looks down; detest; revile; abhor you.

Passion will willingly or voluntarily; freely embrace or welcome; meet death to accomplish purpose.

passion and belief…

Passion means what you believe is way much bigger than what you see with your physical eyes.

Passion stems from a deep faith or belief in the illimitable possibilities of Man when he allows himself to be a co-worker with God.

passion and purpose…

Your purpose is always in alignment or union; agreement with your passion.

Your passion will lead or guide; direct; shepherd; escort you into your purpose.

Your passion is a pointer or indicator; signal; clue to the problems you were created to solve (your divine purpose for existence).

passion and vision…

When you give people meaning and the desire to discover their own freedom through your passion for your vision, they will gladly grant you their influence, gifts and talents.