a mentor is…

A mentor is a facilitator of destiny, he helps you to consummate and accomplish what years of suffering and decades of hard work and labor can never help you attain.

A mentor is a Man whose advice or counsel; rebuke; instruction; admonition; recommendation you esteem and diligently follow.

A mentor is a Man who knows your weakness or frailties; imperfections and flaws, but acknowledges your difference, uniqueness and distinctiveness.

a mentor is not…

A mentor is not a teacher, he is a ‘trusted teacher;’ for it is impossible to truly inspire, coach, cultivate and release the hidden leader in somebody who does not trust you.

a mentor identifies…

A mentor identifies or singles out gifted individuals with great potential, keen interest and a burning desire to be great and personally selects them.

a mentor wisely…

A mentor wisely uses the gift of exhortation or encouragement; inspiration; stimulation to uplift your spirit and keep you focused or fixated; glued on the big picture lest you lose your passion and joy through the monotonous trail, seemingly endless valleys and voices of doubt that will inevitably accompany your journey to greatness.

mentoring is…

Mentoring is the manifestation or clear evidence; testimony; incontrovertible proof; inestimable example of the highest form of maturity in leadership.

Mentoring is God’s pattern or order; design; method for making a son out of a child, a man out of a boy, a woman out of a girl, a leader out of a follower, a master out of a slave, a king out of a servant.

Mentoring is the ladder or scaffolding of life that takes a Man to the mountain of distinction or eminence; prominence; renown; excellence where his gift and talents will become the platform where others discover their own purpose and find their freedom.

Mentoring is only successful when the protégée is willing to:

a: Submit with humility

b: Become a diligent observer

c: Consistently apply what he is taught

d: Become a keen imitator until there is duplication and in time originality

mentorship is…

Mentorship is learning through the losses and pain of someone else.

Mentorship is a vehicle that grants or gives you speed or momentum; velocity on the journey to your destiny.

Mentorship is learning or gaining knowledge and enlightenment through the experience or exposures; ordeals; expertise and practical knowledge of another.

Mentorship is wisdom without the common pain (the suffering; distress; torment; sorrow; heartache; tribulation; agony and desolation) associated with accomplishing your vision.