humility is…

Humility is recognizing or identifying; knowing what you do not know.

Humility is firmly, without wavering, ambiguity or doubt standing solely or singly; completely; exclusively under God’s covenant promises.

Humility is giving up or letting go; discarding and considering them useless or futile; worthless and unfruitful all the things that you think define you and letting your Creator personally define who you are.

Humility is the only acceptable or satisfactorily pleasing; sufficient and suitable position for exaltation or elevation; promotion; advancement; glorification in the Kingdom of God.

humility and faith...

Faith not seasoned in the bowl of humility is bound to melt into condemnation upon its exposure to the extreme temperatures of criticism, ridicule and unwavering opposition.

Humility is the key ingredient or chief component; cardinal element; principal constituent that sets faith in motion.

humility and gift...

Discovering your gift, diligently developing your gift and devotedly serving your gift until you transform the field of your calling to reflect the nature of its author is the incontrovertible or undeniable; unquestionable; indisputable proof of ultimate humility.

The voice of humility, the nature of humility, the character and essence of humility is expressed or displayed; exhibited in the quality of your diligence in developing your gift and the rating of your dedication in serving it to the world.

humility and glory…

Where humility resides, every scar the star endured prior to its glorification or exaltation; translation is celebrated as a testament to the faithfulness of its maker.

When humility opens its mouth and waves its banner, the source, sustainer and preserver of its glory becomes the only exalted or elevated; distinguished name.

humility and grace…

Until you allow humility to open your eyes and see God’s mighty hand helping you, His Grace will never escort you to your preserved and predetermined place of greatness in the field of your calling.

Until you are vehemently determined to remain rooted in the lane of humility where meekness, diligence and Grace abide, pride is bound to eclipse your vision and blind your eyes from seeing the exit sign from the highway of mediocrity to your promised land.

humility and prayer…

When humility becomes the breath of your soul, prayer is bound to become the heartbeat of your every footstep.

Dearth of prayer is incontrovertible evidence that humility has been banished from a community and the spirit of pride has been granted the unabridged liberty to reign.

Where the spirit of pride is hosted, prayer is banished, thanksgiving evanesces and praise becomes a religious exercise void of understanding.