a true leader is…

A true leader is motivated by his convictions he wears both in private and in public.

A true leader is constantly or perennially; invariably; perpetually and permanently growing.

A true leader is mature and humble enough to submit or yield; surrender; bow to another leader.

A true leader is independent or liberated from other people’s opinions or ideas; beliefs; persuasions; notions; theories.

A true leader is birthed when a Man discovers the problem he was uniquely created to solve or answer; work out; find a solution to.

A true leader is birthed when a Man finds a human cause worth sacrificing himself for - an assignment, work, mission or calling he is prepared or ready to die for.

A true leader is constantly listening, seeking revelation, asking questions, re-evaluating his position and re-adjusting his plan to match the perfect will of God for his assignment in is field of calling.

A true leader is absolutely immune to hurt, for he is not moved by feelings, neither does he work to receive approval or the adulation and accolades of people - it is purpose that motivates his work.

A true leader is only interested in delivering genuine value - therefore he is prepared to sacrifice and pay the price.

A true leader is more interested in transferring or passing on; transmitting his vision to the next generation as opposed to having a large following and a throng of admirers.

a true leader always…

A true leader always loses friends before he gains loyal, respectful, devoted and trustworthy followers.

A true leader always sets the conforming criteria or standard; yardstick; level; grade for others to follow.

A true leader always lives in the future - for the future he is ready and prepared to die for is more important to him than the present reality.

A true leader always helps others to discover their own unique calling and assignment in life and he never tries to make or turn any human into a copy of him.

a true leader inspires…

A true leader inspires people to discover their own identity and freedom.

A true leader violates your educational limitations, ignores your culture and religious upbringing, defies what your parents told you about you in order to inspire and call forth the greatness in you.

A true leader inspires or energizes; motivates; galvanizes and positively stirs people to unlock their potential and pursue their dreams.

a true leader knows…

A true leader knows where he is going - he knows what it takes to get there - he is committed to getting there, and he is willing to pay the price and whatever else it will take to get there.

A true leader knows that it is the measure of his faith, the quality of his labor, the strength of his determination and the depth of his dedication that defines the limits of his future.

A true leader knows the reason why he was created - he believes in his significance - he is led by a clear vision and is motivated by a passion that far outweighs his fear of failure, ridicule or death.

a true leader lives…

A true leader lives in the future; he is always preparing for the future and thus embraces, welcomes and anticipates change.

A true leader lives life through his convictions, he speaks to what he believes and not what his physical eyes are currently seeing.

a true leader makes…

A true leader makes anything extra-ordinary out of his ordinary calling, his ordinary mandate, his ordinary gift, his ordinary field of calling or assignment.

A true leader makes history by challenging tradition, confronting tradition, changing tradition and breaking with tradition.

a true leader understands…

A true leader understands that every assignment has a shelf life, therefore transferring his knowledge and wisdom to the next generation is imperative or obligatory; indispensable; vital.

A true leader understands that there is no spiritual substitute or equivalent; replacement; surrogate; proxy; deputy; reserve for skill, therefore he goes the extra mile to acquire the requisite skills for accomplishing his assignment.