joy is…

Joy is the fuel or food; nourisher; stimulant and encourager of vision.

Joy is proof or evidence; confirmation; demonstration of authentic faith.

Joy is the spiritual glue or adhesive; gum; cement that enables God’s Word to stick and abide in you.

Joy is a violent spiritual force provoked by praise and with the capacity to quench the arrows of the devil sent to depress you before he oppresses you.

Joy is the unerasable watermark granted to perennially distinguish God’s sons in the domain of their appointed influence upon the earth.

joy and assignment…

Only the fruit of joy produced by His Spirit is guaranteed to grant you enduring strength requisite to accomplish your assignment.

The joy you provoke through your praise is ushered in by God’s presence but the joy you enter into is accessed through your dogged dedication to His purpose, plan and assignment for you.

When removing the shame and reproach from humanity becomes the sole delight of your assignment, His joy is guaranteed to never depart from your dwelling.

joy and compassion…

When compassion becomes your lifestyle, the desires of the flesh are graved and His joy becomes the source and sustainer of your being.

joy and depression…

A soul permanently marinated in the joy of the Lord has rendered itself immune to the demons deployed to depress, devalue and devour it with sickness and diseases.

In the midst of famine, when the harvest fails and the desert heat of discouragement dawns, only the sound of the joy of the Lord can chase the storms of depression before they set in.

Joy removes the cataracts of fear and depression from your eyes for you to see the finished work of Grace and release your faith to obtain it.

When the walls of joy collapse or crumble; disintegrate; fall to pieces; give way, sickness becomes your constant companion as depression becomes the host of your dwelling.

When your oil of joy dries up and the cloud of depression begins to loom over you, it is evidence that your faith is under siege and your hope is at the brink of extinction.

joy and grace…

A heart that abides in joy dwells in the showroom of God’s Grace to receive His fresh mercy every morning.

His Grace granted to deliver you from the quagmire or marshlands; quicksand of poverty is deposited with an overflow of joy waiting for your praise to be released.

Those who abide in God’s Grace as they patiently wait for His assured promotion are distinguished by their contagious vocabulary of joy.

Until your column of tests and trials is reconciled (balanced) with God’s abounding joy, the excel spreadsheet of your life will never abound in the immeasurable profit underwritten by His Grace.

joy and patience…

Joy is the platform upon which your patience finds its breath, your faith develops its muscle and your discipline finds its endurance.

joy and peace…

A mouth addicted to praise hosts the joy of Heaven and dwells in the circumference or boundary; perimeter; margin of God’s peace.

joy and praise…

Unscheduled and uncontrollable praise is the undeniable evidence that the joy of the Lord has intoxicated you.

Hidden for your promotion in the deep enclaves of praise and worship is the sweet fragrance of His joy.

When the oil of joy of begins to grow stale, it is keen evidence that praise has exited your mouth and thanksgiving has been evicted from your lips.