a covenant is…

A covenant is an irrevocable and immutable deal that places a demand for Man to fulfill his part before God can fulfill His part.

God’s covenant with man...

Mankind’s relationship with God is a covenant relationship based upon the blood of His Son, Jesus.

When you enter a covenant agreement with God, you take His name, and all that is His become yours from that point onwards.

covenant and assignment...

God’s covenant is the indestructible and imperishable rock upon which His divine assignment for your life is founded or rooted; grounded.

In His covenant of promises, you discover the boundaries of your influence, the depth of your affluence, the height of your domain, the breadth of your opulence and the geography of your assignment.

covenant and destiny...

Until you ardently engage the platform of prayer with a keen awareness that His covenant of promises is the key to your dominion in the field of your calling, you will never generate the requisite violence indispensable to banishing or driving away; ejecting; dispelling the forces illegally occupying it.

covenant and faith...

The package of God’s covenant of promises is delivered to you sealed, but only when you sign up to it with your faith and are dedicated to fulfilling its demands can you open and experience it.

Where God’s covenant is highly esteemed and profoundly engaged, His name is held in awe and faith in Him is perceptible or obvious; discernable; tangible; evident in your every footstep.

covenant and fear...

Only the fragrance of His blood covenant can banish the malodorous stench of sin whose odor ensures a prosaic existence of servitude, bondage and absolute obedience to every insatiable dictate of the flesh.

Until you make the decision to come under the shelter of His Blood of Covenant, the spirit of fear is bound to barricade your dreams in the valley of shame and regret where religion flourishes unabridged.