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keeper of time. x-ray 6

Condition of x-ray


Art Theory

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X-ray Synopsis:

The primary focus of this drawing, an original x-ray of Nya’s work “Keeper of Time,” is the nature and characteristics of every Man’s unique gift. Distinguished by the solid gold dial and white rings firmly attached to the figure’s breast, a gift is the cherished treasure of immeasurable worth and value deposited inside every Man by his Creator and Manufacturer. As depicted by all the elements within the figure’s torso connected to the solid gold dial and the rings, within every Man’s gift resides his divine purpose and assignment and until a human discovers his gift and boldly begins to pursue his divine assignment, he remains oblivious to the inestimable and inexhaustible potential deposited in him.

In his Kingdom Lexicon, Nya’ describes a Man’s gift as an internal siren which calls him to his assignment in the field of his calling. This unique siren, as alluded to in this x-ray by the gold dial and rings’ connection to every cell, organ and nerve within the figure’s torso, will never stop ringing until a person answers the call by beginning to diligently develop his gift through acquiring the necessary skill, wisdom, knowledge and understanding requisite to its maturation.

Aside from being attached to the figure’s bosom, the solid gold dial and the rings representing a unique gift are also clutched in the figure’s hand to show that every person’s service to the world is in his gift. Through his unique gift, a person produces his service. His service then produces his credibility and his credibility produces his influence, and his influence produces his dominion. Interpreted another way, God’s mandate of dominion, which is His greatest satisfaction, His utmost joy, His unrivalled gratification and unspeakable delight for His royal family of Mankind, is not tied to a person’s race or gender but his gift.

In fact, as long as a Man’s identity is tied to his race, physical citizenry and ancestral lineage, he will never discover his unique gift, pursue his assignment and dominate and transform his field of calling to reflect the glory of The Kingdom of God now resident in him and represented in the x-ray by the solid gold dial. To that end, the gold coated Scriptural code along the spine of the picture plane represents how next to every Man’s name in his home country of Heaven is his gift and the inventoried list of exploits he was created and sent to earth to accomplish and the worlds and nations he was anointed to subdue, dominate, replenish and transform through his gift.

Extract from: A true leader abides in his work and maximizes time © 2022, Seed Gallery, New York.

X-ray Condition:

Only 75 versions of this drawing (keeper of time. x-ray 6) will ever be produced.

Color and texture are assiduously aggregated to each x-ray by the artist, specifically the shimmering gold, splendid silver, bronze, copper and dove white hues.

The specific shade of gold used for the 75 renderings of each drawing as well as the texture created on them will be different. This therefore makes each x-ray unique and impossible to replicate.

The algorithm employed by Nya’ to produce the unique shade of gold used for each rendering is documented by the gallery and will be included on the certificate of authenticity accompanying the x-ray.

In light of the fact that the texture, color and other fine detail graphite marks are meticulously added by the artist for each rendering, should the x-ray not be available, it requires an allowance of 60-90 days for completion before it is cured, carefully packaged and delivered.

The artwork is delivered unframed, wrapped in humid free conversation paper and packaged flat in a custom box specifically designed to ensure its protection in transit and preservation  over time.



In line with Seed Gallery’s inalienable rights for collectors of Nya’s work, upon purchasing this limited x-ray, you are granted access from the gallery’s portal into the private section (reserved for collectors) where you are able to view privileged excerpts into the creation of the artwork, as well as note the number of x-rays sold, provenance history of the x-ray  and/or liaise with other collectors of the x-ray; as well as other works by Nya’.


Upon purchase of the print, a Seed Gallery Art Advisor will be available to grant you expert advice on presentation, protection, framing and conservation of the x-ray.

Secondary Art Market:

Every work by Nya′ is a unique stock with intrinsic value that far exceeds the asking price. Accordingly, when you acquire a limited print(s) by Nya′, you become a “valued collector” investing in an inimitable asset with the potential of earning favorable returns on the secondary market. In order to realize satisfactory returns on the investment, every valued collector has inalienable rights and privileges stipulated in the gallery’s constitution that affords access to information regarding any acquisition, promotion, loaning and price changes of the artist’ work.

To warrant that a valued collector remains abreast with the positions taken by the gallery, you have unabridged access to eminent information pertaining to the following;

·   Prints offered/available on the secondary art market.

·   Art market indices, including the current average price of your acquisition.

Art Theory:


keeper of time. x-ray 6


Graphite, ashes, custom gold hue, silver and bronze pigments, gouache on hand-distressed parchments


32 x 24 inches (81.2 cm x 60 cm) – with the white matte surface

Evolution of x-ray:

2014 - 2017

Edition Number:

Limited edition of 75 renderings (for example, 14/75) is inscribed by the artist in custom pigment at the bottom of the artwork and authenticated by the gallery.


Artist signature in gold at the bottom right hand corner of the piece


Delivered unframed and packaged flat in a custom box specifically designed for protection in transit and preservation over time.

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