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©Nya’ 2014 - 2018. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

Restoration of Zion X-Ray 94 sketch by Nya

restoration of zion. x-ray 94

In the gift dwells the composition of purpose and vision

JANUARY 19 –  21,  2023



 FRIDAY, JANUARY 20,  7 – 10 PM

“In the gift dwells the composition of purpose and vision” a Seed Gallery sponsored private exhibition showcasing a selection of drawings of Nya’s work, “Restoration of Zion,” was opened on Friday, January 19 at the artist studio in New York.


The astonishingly marvelous and labyrinthine drawings on display, which the artist defines as x-rays,  are a keen window into the anatomy of “Restoration of Zion.”


Each selected drawing (x-ray)  is like a public surgery, a dissection and microscopic examination of the multifarious cells amalgamating to form the primary organs and muscles conceiving each element in the composition of the massive work which is scheduled for unveiling in 2026.


Also accompanying the exhibition was the launch and recital of select excerpts from the manuscript of his fifth book edited by Seed Gallery, “A true leader abides in praise and worship,” in which ten of the x-rays of “Restoration of Zion” are also featured. 


Essentially, the x-rays selected for this exhibition grant every viewer unhindered access into the sacred chambers of the artist’s creative prowess and takes you into the soul of the drawing to see what the artist was seeing in his mind’s eye as he was conceiving and making the piece.


In perhaps one of the most captivating work on display, “restoration of zion. x-ray 94,” a diminutive 8.5 x 11 inch., (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) drawing grounded on heavily distressed parchment and comprised of multiple layers of thick metallic gold and silver hues that were dug into with a razor blade to expose the interior of the resplendent pigments, Nya’ unpretentiously employed art and design elements of harmony, line, designo, rhythm and pattern to explore the character of the Spirit of leadership, the origins of the leadership spirit and the precept of the mandate of leadership given to Mankind.


Described in the artist’s x-ray notes as kings, ambassadors, priests, gods and sons, the buoyant figures in the x-ray represents children of God fulfilling their leadership mandate as given unto Mankind - and that is to subdue, dominate, replenish and transform the world systems administering the earth through their unique gifts and by the power and authority of The Blessing of the Creator.


Transformed in their belief system through the renewal of their minds by the Spirit of leadership residing in them, these men and women of every ethnicity, tribe and nationality are dedicated to their leadership assignments of serving their gifts to humanity in their respective fields of callings and spheres of influence.


As depicted in the x-ray by the solid gold covering select continents, the Spirit of leadership, wisdom and understanding (The Holy Spirit) dwelling and working in this citizenry of God’s Kingdom has wiped away the effects of fallen Mankind’s rebellious nature that once plagued the human race. By the supernatural power of the Creator of the universe empowering their minds, emboldening their faith, fortifying their convictions and ordering their footsteps, they are gradually succeeding in fulfilling humanity’s leadership mandate of placing the nations of the world under the ideal government every Man of every religion, nationality, ethnicity and political persuasion is consciously or unconsciously searching for, and that is The Kingdom government of God in The Holy Spirit.


Another piece in the exhibition which clearly reveals Nya’s persistent strive for perfection in his work is a pedantically executed drawing grounded on Wexford printing paper “restoration of zion. x-ray 55,” 8.5 x 11 inches (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm).

Restoration of Zion FINAL white on black_black on white.png

©Nya’ 2014 - 2018. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

restoration of zion. x-ray 55

In this x-ray, Nya’ surgically implanted carefully coded Bible references in his figures and seamlessly weaved them with measuring instruments that resemble micrometers and calipers to highlight how God’s Word is a mirror that clearly reveals to every human being his or her true identity and transforms him into the exact and precise image of his Creator.


The conscious rendering of the figures in both x-rays as genderless, raceless and unbound to any region, nation or continent is to express the fact that Man is a spirit being.


In his “Kingdom Lexicon,” Nya’ describes Man as a spirit specie created in two models, male and female. The difference between the two models is that the female model has a womb that allows it to carry a fetus - hence the name woman (wombed man). The spirit-specie of Man also lives in a humus or dirt body, it possesses a soul and was created in the image of God to function exactly like God.


This therefore means that the gender, ethnicity and nationality of the figures is not as important as their divine leadership assignment in their respective fields of calling and areas of gifting.


Furthermore, as alluded to by the vessel representing the anointing of The Holy Spirit now on earth, He (The Holy Spirit) is not a respecter of gender, tribe, nation or ethnicity. His role is to see to it that every human being discovers his or her gift and with diligence, dedication and perseverance, develop and refine it and continuously serves it to humanity until his departure from earth.


Accompanying this exhibition is an e-catalogue of carefully selected “Eternal Capsules” from Nya’s “Voices of the Earth” series and a verse from one of the capsules clearly which captures the essence of this exhibition, it reads as follows:


“Hidden in what you are yet to appreciate is your gift, concealed in what you are yet to value in your purpose and protected in what you are yet to honor is your assignment...”

Seed Gallery Press

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