fulfillment is…

Fulfillment is seeds sown in faith - with focus and expectation - until the harvest manifests.

Fulfillment is covenant promises waited for patiently - in faith, joy and great expectation until they come to pass.

Fulfillment is dreams and visions held fast to, with steadfast faith and resolute determination, until they become a reality.

Fulfillment is goals persistently pursued, with hope, passion, purpose, zeal and infectious enthusiasm, until fruition.

fulfillment and assignment…

In the hands that decided the womb that would deliver you to this earth and the geography of your domain and influence resides the provision for the fulfillment of your divine assignment.

Your level of fulfillment in life answers to your degree of diligence and the quality of your dedication and faithfulness to your purpose and divine assignment.

fulfillment and capacity…

Where capacity building is neglected and erecting structures to enforce accountability are ignored, fulfillment of vision remains a theory, a political slogan and a motivational chant.

fulfillment and destiny…

When your Creator’s plan and purpose for your life becomes the only authorized G.P.S (navigation system) for your footsteps, fulfillment is guaranteed to coat the path to your glorious destiny.

When the reverse gear becomes your default transmission upon meeting the inescapable hurdles along the course to your destiny, fulfillment is bound to remain a religious theory and a fantastic dream.

fulfillment and discouragement…

Discouragement finds a permanent home in the valley of deferred hope, unfulfilled dreams and aborted visions.

Fulfillment (to live a fulfilled life) demands that you download, delete and discard the data of yesterday’s disappointment and discouragement.

fulfillment and faith…

At the sight of shipwrecked faith resides the debris of unfulfilled dreams, abandoned desires and aborted dreams.

Fulfillment is impossible when fear has contaminated or soiled; debased; adulterated; stained; polluted your faith.

fulfillment and gift…

Until you discover, develop and birth what God filled you with (your gift), your fulfillment in life remains a fantasy, a religious idea and a utopic dream.