a community is…

A community is a group of people united by common bonds. The people are distinguished and unified by a set of values, laws, standards, beliefs, norms, languages, customs, traditions and ideals; and are committed, or dedicated and devoted to a common purpose.

The word community is a compound of two words, common + unity = community.

community and the blessing of the Lord...

A community is a single voice of people dwelling in rapturous praise and comprised of multifarious families abiding in THE BLESSING OF THE LORD.

In every community where THE BLESSING OF THE LORD flows unabridged or unhindered; uncensored, wealth is common as its citizens excitedly engage in the covenant practice of tithing and giving.

community and the Word...

Every family’s willingness to obey with haste every Word of the prophet sent to it ultimately determines the peace and prosperity of the community and nation.

The success of every community and nation is entirely dependent on the tablet they have chosen to employ as the constitution upon which they formulate their vocabulary and syllabus.

The health and economic strength of any community is ultimately established by its willingness to subscribe to the demands of the covenant of God.

When the anointed prophets in the community fail to give the people the Words to speak, fear and religion settles on their tongues and the hedge of protection around their home is broken.

community and complaining...

Complaining is a malignant cancer with the unrivalled capacity to spread and infect every member of the community until the Faith indispensable to corporate growth is corrupted.

Complaining is the opium that keeps a community intoxicated in the wilderness of religion at the expense of journeying into their reserved land of freedom.

Guard your mouth from being used as a toxic vacuum that sucks the faith out of God’s community of people thereby derailing them from receiving what redemption has made freely available.