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©Nya’ 2004 - 2020. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 76 sketch by Nya

heir of inheritance. x-ray 76

In every gift resides the turbine to a world of dominion

SEPTEMBER 17 –  19, 2020




A private exhibition showcasing select x-rays of Nya’s work, “Heir of Inheritance” was held this past weekend at the artist studio in New York. The exhibition was coupled with the launch of the manuscript of his book, “A true leader manifests dominion,” in which seventeen of the x-rays are featured.


The complex drawings on display, which are dubbed x-rays by the artist, affords you that rare and prodigious opportunity to penetrate into the soul of “Heir of Inheritance” to discover and explore what the artist was seeing in his mind’s eye as he was conceiving and making the massive mixed media painting which is due for completion in 2025.


In the primary work on display, “heir of inheritance. x-ray 76” (5.75 x 8.5 inches.,14.6 cm x 21.59 cm), Nya’ exposes the intrinsic nature of every gift. Foremost, the inherent leadership spirit divinely granted to every human being as the vehicle to express the inexplicable wonders hidden in his or her gift.


The obsessively detailed x-ray (drawing), comprised of opulent royal hues of yellow gold, silver, purple, celestial blue and redemptive scarlet,  also inventories, represents and depicts five dimensions of every Man’s gift.


First, as represented by the most visible and alluring element within the body of the exalted figure, and that is the gold disc in its bosom representing every Man’s unique gift, it is what a Man (male or female) was born with, what he already carries inside him, what he already has and what he was created to serve to humanity that will make him a marvel in the field of his calling and ultimately the world at large. In other words, as alluded to by the entire world map in the hands of the figure, enduring greatness and true leadership is defined by diligently developing, refining and serving one’s gift to humanity.



In one of the two graphite drawings in the exhibition, “heir of inheritance. x-ray 32,” Nya’ explores key characteristics that makes a vision unique, but particularly depicts two aspects of vision, namely, the spirit of vision, and the benefits of vision.

Heir of Inheritance FINAL-01.png
3. HOI X.RAY 32.png

©Nya’ 2004 - 2020. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York

heir of inheritance. x-ray 32

As represented by the two coded Bible references (ROM  8:17) and (17: 28)  established as the foundation upon which the figure is launched into immeasurable heights of influence (above the architecturally rendered world map), a vision is a prophetic revelation and an oracle from the source of Life granted to establish His perfect will on earth through Mankind. 


In other words, a vision is not a human invention but a burning desire deposited in the spirit specie of Man (male or female) by the Spirit of his Creator and manufacturer, God.


As depicted by the carefully selected Scriptures rendered in all caps within the bosom of the figure and stemming from the small graphite dial representing the source of the Spirit of vision (The Holy Spirit), a vision is a high definition picture of an earnestly desired and passionately coveted future that comes from the legal owner of the universe with majestic authority, phenomenal energy, supernatural confidence, ineffable wisdom and exceeding clarity.


This connotes that within a true vision is all the requisite provision for a person’s greatness and influence in the field of his or her calling and region of assignment until he or she emerges a global changer as illustrated by the figure’s unquestionable dominion over the colony of earth.


In one of the five “Eternal Capsules” accompanying the e-catalogue of the exhibition, Nya’ summed up the eminence of every citizen’s gift and vision in nation building and preservation of the earth by stating;



“In every gift resides the power to rid the shame obfuscating the glory of a people and the light to righteously order the path of the nation to a glorious destination...”

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