expectation is…

Expectation is the only evidence or proof; testimony of faith.

Expectation is the spiritual pregnancy for your desired manifestation.

Expectation is the energy that bulldozes you through the terrain of disappointment deployed by the enemy to seduce you to settle in the wilderness of average.

Expectation is the energy that empowers you to ignore the injustices of the past and keep your eyes on the ultimate prize.

Expectation is the turbine that generates the passion to drive the vehicle of faith fuelled by love to her predetermined destination.

expectation and assignment…

A servant’s expectation of His master’s return is manifested or expressed; displayed; exhibited; revealed by his diligence, dedication and complete devotion to his assignment and the advancement of His Kingdom.

expectation and conformity…

A life ransacked or pillaged; looted; plundered; empty of expectation is doomed to perish in the valley of conformity where desires are graved and passions are cremated.

Every servant who lives in expectancy of His master’s return will never lounge in the valley of conformity where complaining, slothfulness and strife dwells.

expectation and faith…

As long as the witchcraft of disobedience, the stubbornness of idolatry and debris of ingratitude fog your race of faith, your expectation of victory is a chimerical or illusive; unreal; fantastical.

It is where and whom you have put your faith in that determines or decide; regulates the outcome of your expectation.

Until you have fully subscribed to the covenant of diligence, dedication and sacrifice, all your expectation of victory in your race of faith will only birth frustration and disappointment.

Void of faith, your expectation is merely a religious pilgrimage or tour; journey; crusade.