favor is…

Favor is a divine path, a primrose track, a lighted route, a guided course and a protected walk.

Favor is an irrevocable, imperishable and immutable currency that never goes into inflation, deflation or depression.

Favor is an incorruptible seed you can sow into others and every Man has the ability or capacity; potential and power to sow favor - when you help another Man achieve his goals, you are sowing favor - when you enable another Man to succeed, you are sowing favor.

favor is the…

Favor is the master or principle; chief; primary key to the world of fulfilled dreams.

Favor is the endorsement or confirmation; recommendation; seal of approval from God.

Favor is the architect or master builder; draughtsman of every great future and destiny.

Favor is the divine equalizer or counter-balance; leveler that lets a person without natural advantages become equal with others or even superior.

favor is given…

Favor is given or received without cost or obligation.

Favor is given or granted; bestowed; bequeathed without return or recompense.

favor and assignment…

Favor commands the government of Heaven’s immediate audience, prompt intervention and timely dispatch of the requisite provision for your assignment.

Favor is never satisfied until it supernaturally and effortlessly elevates or promotes; exalts; hoist you to the summit in your field of calling

Favor will always ascertain that you freely receive supreme mentoring, sublime training and sovereign counsel prior to and as you diligently consummate your divine assignment.

Favor will chaperon your footstep to the coded address of Man divinely appointed to grant you the requisite provision for your assignment.

favor and destiny…

Favor creates high flyers and uncommon or exceptional; peculiar; extraordinary; rare; incomparable achievers in the Kingdom of God.

Favor is the bridge between the depressing, discouraging and demoralizing present to your glorious and marvelous destiny already finished in Him.