the nature of a weakness…

An ignored weakness has the potential or ability; capability; wherewithal; immense capacity to grow - and every day, through your thoughts, words and actions, you are either feeding and nourishing your weakness or starving it to death.

An ignored weakness rarely abides or stays; remains; dwells in you alone, for it will always move at will, infecting and seriously hurting others around you, especially the people you profess to love, honor and respect.

An ignored weakness is constantly or invariably; continually; perpetually; relentlessly; persistently; always searching and intensely looking for an opportunity to grow or develop; flourish; thrive; multiply; prosper.

An ignored weakness will invite or solicit; call forth; entice; beseech; entreat another weakness to come and visit or abide with it. For example, exaggeration will invite lying and conceit will invite envy.

An ignored weakness will always bond or tie; unite; join; link; connect; align; associate you with the wrong people.

weakness and character…

An ignored weakness has the autonomy or liberty; freedom; authority; power to emerge at any time in your life, including the prime, maturing and even closing years of your life - thereby destroying your character and ruining your legacy and name.

weakness and destiny…

A weakness has a huge appetite or hunger; voracity; desire to upset your plans, impede your progress, hinder your success and sabotage or wreck; vandalize; cripple your destiny.

An ignored weakness is the portal or entrance; gate; passage; ingress; door for the enemy and his demonic spirits opposed to your purpose and vision to enter and ruin your destiny.

Every Man has the power to know and recognize his weakness before it becomes a public spectacle that ultimately destroys him and his destiny.

Every weakness is fully or completely; totally; perfectly; satisfactorily equipped with a clear plan, a rehearsed agenda to take over your life and sabotage your destiny.

Every time you justify, defend, excuse or exonerate your weakness, it haughtily laughs with jubilant delight, fully knowing that in due season, it will usurp the eminent and indispensable strength in your life thereby wrecking your destiny; for every weakness blossoms in an atmosphere of acceptance, tolerance and permission.

confronting a weakness…

Every weakness must be confronted or dealt with; tackled; boldly met and annihilated when it initially emerges or in its budding or embryonic stage.

victory over a weakness…

Victory over your weakness will always unlock or release; unfasten; open and bring liberty, freedom and victory for others - even if they were oblivious to your weakness.

The only weapon with more than enough power or force; thrust; precision; impetus; enduring and steadfast ability to totally and eternally eradicate, destroy and permanently bury your weakness into the pit of hell where it originated from is the Word of God.