criticism and gratitude…

The hour your lips retire or depart; quit; withdraw; exit; take leave from singing the hymn of gratitude is the day the seed of offense takes root in your heart and the vocabulary of criticism is commissioned as the escort to your valley of despair and regret.

criticism and grace...

Criticism shuts the door of mercy and renders Grace an unwelcome visitor.

Where the testimony of Grace is despised or detested; scorned; disdained - offence, bitterness and criticism reside in abundance.

A mouth that delights in the common appetizer of criticism and offense will never enjoy the royal meal of abounding Blessings prepared and served by Grace.

When malice, slander and criticism crown your diurnal conversation, Grace is hindered or thwarted; obstructed; handicapped from delivering the postage paid invaluable package of salvation.

A mouth that abstains or refrains; withhold; desist from criticism always gives room for Grace to administer His healing course.

criticism and bitterness...

Any sudden, outward manifestation of severe rage, uncontrollable anger and goring bitterness has its life in the stem of criticism that has its roots in offense.

Offense harbored towards God always manifest in bitterness and where bitterness resides, criticism dwells and were criticism dwells, His voice is unheard.

When you hire criticism as an agent of correction, he always lives offense to finish his assignment and instructs bitterness to collect the cheque.

criticism and praise...

High praise is the dagger authorized by redemption to annihilate the demon of criticism and smite the spirit of offense

Praise and thanksgiving is the surgeon anointed by redemption to tear away the marauding cancer of criticism and offense.

When your sacrifice of praise blossoms or matures; develops; burgeon into a monument that enrages the enemy and triggers a deluge of criticism from his generals, your season of abundant favor has arrived.