irresponsibility is…

Irresponsibility is lacking accountability; not answerable, liable or chargeable.

Irresponsibility is to transfer, shift or relocate blame for your behavior and condition to someone else.

Irresponsibility is the abandonment or the forsaking; desertion; relinquishment of conscience and the ignorance of accountability.

irresponsibility is being…

Irresponsibility is being undependable or untrustworthy; unreliable; unstable.

Irresponsibility is being uncommitted or indifferent, unconcerned and not devoted.

Irresponsibility is being lax or casual; careless; slack sloppy; negligent; overindulgent.

Irresponsibility is being loose or disreputable; lewd; promiscuous; debauched; libertine; licentious.

Irresponsibility is being untrustworthy or unfaithful; fickle; devious; two-faced; disloyal; fair-weather.

Irresponsibility is being immoral or corrupt; unprincipled; unethical; obscene; evil; wicked; unrighteous.

Irresponsibility is being unresponsive to authority – being insensitive and apathetic to management and administration.

how irresponsibility is manifested…

Irresponsibility is manifested through the following:

a: Gossiping

Using your mouth and hands for trivial talk and malicious writing, spreading scandalous rumors, slander and character assassination.

b: Bickering

Engaging in petty bad-tempered quarrels, wrangling, finding fault constantly and being occupied with trifles of petty details.

c: Complaining

Incessant moaning and lamenting over past grievances, finding fault and always passing blame on others other than yourself.

d: Competing

Measuring oneself against others, always wanting what others have, disregarding your differences and others people’s hard work.

e: Prejudice

Having an adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without the knowledge or thorough examination of the facts.

f: Jealousy

Envy others - harboring resentment - being covetousness and spiteful - having ill will, hatred, suspicion, mistrust and malignity toward others.

g: Immaturity

Displayed by an acute lack of restraint or juvenility; babyishness; rawness and unpreparedness in every given task.

h: Back-biting

Speaking spitefully or slanderously about another Man or defamation; vilification and using venomous language to express blame.