giants are…

Giants are the internal and external enemies you face and defeat on your way to your destiny.

giants and complaining…

A mind pulverized or macerated; shredded; mangled by incessant complaining is bound to see doom, defeat and death at the initial sight of the giants dominating its mandated domain of influence.

giants and confession…

How you see yourself in private is made public by your confession and actions upon your initial encounter with the giants illegally lodging in your divine field of inheritance.

The vocabulary (confession) you employ to describe the giants in your field of calling is a testament to how you see the God who sent you to dispossess them and occupy that field or world system.

giants and destiny…

There are always giants in every Man’s path to his glorious destiny and it takes a lion’s heart to confront and defeat them.

It is not unspiritual to be challenged or disputed; confronted; opposed; tested; contested; summoned to battle; provoked by giants on your way to your destiny, but is unscriptural to be defeated or crushed; conquered; routed; wasted; overwhelmed; checkmated.

You will be stranded or grounded; shipwrecked; rendered helpless and left high and dry if you believe or have faith that the giants on the path to your destiny are stronger or mightier; more potent; powerful; better; advantaged than you.

giants and faith…

The mirror through which you see the God you have put your faith in is manifested or revealed; unveiled; displayed; exhibited; shown the day you confront the giants possessing your domain of assignment.

giants and focus…

A giant or your enemy increases your focus and makes you attentive to the demands of your assignment and purpose.