dedication is…

Dedication is the mystery behind fruitfulness, excellence and distinction.

Dedication is wholly or completely; totally giving God the first place in your heart.

Dedication is giving God the central or core; essential; primary; chief part of your heart.

Dedication is boldly saying; I would rather die pursuing God’s will for my life than shine with people or be glorified by Man.

Dedication is making your life a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to God - and when your life becomes a living sacrifice, you become a living wonder or phenomenon; marvel; miracle; spectacle.

dedication and assignment…

Dedication is what makes your assignment fruitful, colorful or vividly distinctive and enviable or desirable; favored.

Dedication guarantees a path encrusted in favor, plated in mercy and polished in superfluous provision for your divine assignment.

Dedication to your unique assignment is the only key that effortlessly opens up the vaults of Heaven to access abounding joy that births the strength indispensable to reaching your glorious destiny.

Only through dedication does the value of a Man’s calling manifest or is truly exposed; unveiled; exhibited.

dedication and death...

The fear of death is eradicated or annihilated; extinguished; eliminated; wiped out in the life of a truly dedicated Man.

When passion, conviction and commitment consummate and birth dedication, the fear of death evanesce from your dwelling.

dedication and excellence...

The trail of dedication stretches far beyond the established benchmarks of success into the abounding oceans of excellence where there is no limit to your greatness.

Only the winds of dedication can carry you beyond the boundaries of worldly success into the infinite realms of excellence where the mere mention of your name is an inspiration to unborn generations.