obedience is a…

Obedience is proof or evidence; testimony; demonstration of trust.

Obedience is not for a season, but it is constant or perpetual; steadfast; eternal and universal.

Obedience is to hear or to listen and trust in a state of submission or surrender; humility; meekness.

obedience is a…

Obedience is a prerequisite to receive power.

Obedience is a license for the King to send you on His Kingdom backed or supported; sustained; maintained; furnished; upheld; financed assignments.

Obedience is a non-negotiable, indispensable requirement for fulfillment and manifestation of every Scripture and prophecy.

Obedience is a path or course seamlessly paved or covered; tiled; floored with supernatural provision and favor essential for accomplishing your assignment on earth.

obedience is the…

Obedience is the escalator or stairway; elevator; ladder to the top in the field of your calling.

Obedience is the highest or greatest; most excellent; matchless; incomparable form of sowing for an abundant harvest in the Kingdom of God.

Obedience is the birthplace of total dependence on God and ultimate independence from the opinions of Man.

obedience births…

The seed of obedience will always give birth to trust.

obedience guarantees…

Obedience guarantees the righteous or perfect; whole; complete and effective function of a thing.

obedience and honor…

Obedience to an instruction is a glorious or splendid; magnificent opportunity to reveal or show; display; exhibit; manifest honor.

obedience and God…

Obedience to God is the fruit or proof; evidence; testimony of faith.

Obedience to God is the cheapest or the most cost-effective way to reaching your destiny.

Obedience enables or allows; permits and facilitates the Word of God to follow its natural course.

Obedience comes or stems; originates; begins in a heart that completely or totally; wholly trusts God.

God’s Word is given for obedience and not for debate, argument, deliberation, private or carnal interpretation.