money is a…

Money is a temporary medium that can be used to affect eternity.

Money is a test that always reveals your appetites, veiled desires, value system and priorities.

Money is a tool that feeds deep-seated appetites or desires; longings; tastes; cravings; passions.

Money is a numeric or quantitative analog for how you manage your life and what you have done for your fellow Man.

Money is a certificate or a testimonial; a document attesting to the truth of good performance granted to you by your grateful or appreciative; thankful fellow citizens of the world.

money is the…

Money is the evidence or tangible proof that you are serving humanity.

Money is the most convenient or suitable; fitting; practical measure of Mankind’s time, skills, experience, health, dignity and persistence.

Money is the most effective or persuasive; compelling and efficient way for Man to quantify his creative (imaginative; inventive; inspired; ingenious; visionary and original ideas and energy.

Money is the validation or authentication; documentation; certification; cogent evidence or proof of your work.

money and influence…

Money enables Man to effect; impact and influence the future.

the essence of money is…

The essence of money is appreciated when it keeps changing hands. It must be used for trading, which essentially means allowing your fellow Man to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. In that way, the value of both parties is increased, honored and shared.

The essence of money is to unite and equalize or integrate and standardize; join and merge; regularize; incorporate; unify by converting or transforming; metamorphosing or changing talents, gifts and labor into a commodity that can easily be traded and shared between members of the human family.

money and trust…

Money can be created by any Man as long as a system or structure; method; organization; culture of trust exists.

Money does not exist without a sturdy framework of intangible or non-physical; immaterial; invisible connectivity like trust and goodwill.

The entire monetary system exists only because people have faith and trust that the symbol of money that they carry, be it cash, check, credit card, digital coins or token will be honored when they desire it to be.