greed is…

Greed is a universal tyrant or dictator; despot; autocrat whose only desire is to see you constantly on your knees diligently serving him.

Greed is the supreme or paramount; chief; greatest; foremost; highest and ultimate expression of fear.

Greed is a marauding cancer that corrupts and corrodes or rusts; gnaws; consumes and erodes the human soul, making you a helpless slave to your physical senses.

Greed is the ultimate proof that you are convinced or persuaded; satisfied; confident that God’s Word cannot be trusted.

greed and appetite...

The belly of greed has no exit yet his appetite never seizes, nor his capacity ever filled.

Regardless of how much you toil for him, nothing is ever enough to satisfy greed and quench his unfathomable appetite.

There is no meal with the capacity to satisfy a stomach that has allowed the appetizer of greed to brush against its lips.

There is no source on earth with the capacity to satisfy a Man who has allowed the spirit of greed to nourish his appetites.

greed and corruption…

Corruption confronted void of convicting and banishing the spirit of greed is bound to continue to metastasize.

The spirit of greed is the fodder that corruption, bribery and oppression depend on to scale in size and multiply in impact.

greed and confusion…

When greed becomes the express lane to the halls of power and influence in a nation, its gifted people are eternally buried in the fog of perpetual confusion.

greed and covetousness…

A critical spirit and bitter hatred for the esteemed and wealthy is the mask a covetous Man wears to conceal his greed.

A house built on the foundation of greed and roofed with the asbestos of covetousness is destined to collapse at the first sight of the cloud of justice.

greed and fear…

A community engulfed in greed is rife to attract, incubate, maturate and disseminate the spirit of fear.

A life perennially detoxified from the love of money is a destiny preserved from the path of greed authored and underwritten by the spirit of fear.

A nation hemorrhaged by greed is bound to be plagued or tormented; tortured; bedeviled; cursed; persecuted by the spirit of fear. Greed is an ultimate testimony that fear has completely eradicated or eliminated; exterminated; annihilated; obliterated your trust in God.