giving and assignment…

When your request synchronizes with your divine assignment and God’s will for His perfect government to be established in your field of calling, granting or giving you the desires of your heart becomes His utmost or most extreme; greatest; supreme pleasures.

giving and destiny…

The path that leads to your glorious destiny is paved by the sweat of sacrificial giving and the joy of faithful tithing.

Whenever giving is driven by emotions, it will never gather the requisite momentum to take you to the destination your Creator prepared for you.

giving and praise...

It is the cheerfulness residing in the heart of a willing giver and the high praises accompanying his offerings that provokes the Heavens to dispatch The Blessing to his habitat.

When your eyes are riveted or fixed; fastened; focused on God, your heart will abound with His joy and your lips will ceaselessly or continuously; constantly give Him praise.

giving and tithing...

Until the fragrance of your tithe and sweet savor of your sacrificial giving flood the aisles of God’s throne, the stench of poverty, sickness and diseases, strife and worry pervading the world will remain your constant companion.

Until the tithe is removed from your dwelling and giving becomes your constant companion, His presence remains a theoretical notion and religious fantasy.

giving and the poor...

The only investment on earth Heaven is qualified to hastily honor and grant a return regardless of your nation, gender, religion or denomination is giving to the poor.

When giving to the poor with abounding joy becomes your culture, Heaven’s showers of blessings become your constant companion.

giving and worship...

Giving void of sacrifice, deplete of praise and barren of worship is a mere donation – impossible to move the heart of God.

giving in the Kingdom of God...

In the Kingdom of God, giving is not possible until tithing is completed.

In the Kingdom of God, a citizen prospers or grows rich; flourishes; succeeds from his giving.

In the Kingdom of God, giving is a spiritual transaction - not a donation - and when it is acceptable, the returns become obvious.