a fool is…

A fool is a person who says there is no God.

A fool is a person who, in his self-seeking or recalcitrant and injudicious pride refuses to receive God’s gift of Peace and The Person of Grace.

A fool is a person who thinks and sees it as an utter waste of time, energy and resources to passionately or earnestly; fervently; devotedly pursue wisdom.

A fool is a Man (person) who concocts or manufactures; brews; contrives his own belief system (philosophy) to nourish his insatiable carnal appetites while willfully despising the Word of God.

A fool is any Man who displays or exhibits; shows; exposes complete disregard or pays no attention; disobeys; thinks very little of; brush aside; ignores; neglect the woman The Holy Spirit chose to bring him onto this earth.

A fool is a person unwilling or is reluctant from changing his dangerous or harmful; perilous; threatening; risky; vulnerable; precarious; treacherous; unsafe; parlous course despite hearing repeatedly wise counsel from a coterie of voices.

A fool is a Man who remains unchanged or unaffected; unmoved; unaltered; impervious to the wisdom he quotes from others, the sermons he preaches and the counsel he gives.

A fool is a Man who, in his nonchalant or apathetic; indifferent; cool; unconcerned and unfazed demeanor mocks or laughs at; make fun of; ridicules; scoffs and bluntly ignores the dangers of rebelling against divine and natural laws.

A fool is a Man who wants others to feel his pain by arousing or enkindling; provoking; stirring; inspiring; stimulating and sparking an army of protestors against the person or people who offended him rather than desiring to settle the offense.

A fool is a Man who, in his manipulative and covetous ways, seeks the sympathy of people by repeatedly expressing how, despite his “righteousness and good works,” God is blind, dumb and mute to his heartfelt petitions (prayers).