an excuse is…

An excuse is the sixth finger that can never point inward or to yourself; look within; judge yourself; evaluate your actions.

excuses are…

Excuses are nails used to build a house of failure.

Excuses are addictive drugs used by a formerly oppressed – enslaved - colonized Man or people, community or nation to pacify their creative genius as they continuously pass blame, lament about the past, bicker and argue – trying to escape or avoid the responsibility, duty and obligation imposed by freedom.

excuses and assignment…

When excuses become your diet of choice, your mouth will never taste the sweet fruits of your glorious destiny.

When excuses fluently gush out of your mouth upon hearing God’s commandment to pursue your assignment, it is proof that pride disguised as humility has invaded your being.

Excuses are evidence that you have not allowed the mandate of your assignment to occupy the entire estate of your being.

excuses and conformity…

Excuses are highly skilled agents employed by the devil to barricade you in the wilderness of conformity and valley of buried dreams, aborted vision and cremated purposes.

excuses and destiny…

Excuses are the shovel that begins the digging of your grave and the burying of your destiny.

A life spent developing your weaknesses by perennially or continually; always giving them a voice will guarantee the termination of your destiny through a chorus of endless excuses.

When your identity is confined to your heritage, ancestral lineage, religion and traditions, excuses will be your natural response when your glorious destiny calls you.