choice is…

A choice (the power to choose) is a gift bestowed or given; conferred; granted; invested upon every human being by God.

choices and man...

A Man (male and female) is a consummate portrait of the choices he makes every day.

A Man’s choices prepare or positions; grooms; train; equips him for either victory or defeat.

A Man’s life today is a conspicuous reflection of the path he took from the choices set before him yesterday.

A Man’s choices are a testament or proof; testimony; demonstration; witness to what is dearest to his heart hence requires his fondest focus and protection.

A Man’s choice to disobey God’s commandments authorizes or licenses; empowers; commissions; and also endorses the spirit of fear to establish its purpose on earth through him.

A Man who makes the choice to violate God’s commandments articulates to his enemies that His name holds marginal or insignificant; minimal; peripheral equity in the portfolio of his heart.

choices and destiny...

It is the instructions a son chooses to hear and promptly obey that built the internal compass and highway to his destiny.

It is the principles of God a Man chooses to store or deposit; preserve; keep; retain in the sanctuary of his heart that will determine the aggregate value of his destiny.

What you choose to wholeheartedly or unreservedly pursue has the power to influence the course and ultimate destiny of your unborn generations.

When you choose the companion of fools to escort your footsteps, the fuel to your destiny becomes contaminated with the debris of doubt and the sediments of fear.

When you choose common sense over acquired sense to erect the pillars of your vision and host the details of your assignment, you have ignorantly commissioned sorrow, frustration and confusion and ultimately failure to crown your every footstep.