change is…

Change is the most predictable or certain; sure; expected; inevitable; definite reality in life.

Change is inevitable or certain; impossible to avoid; sure to happen; unavoidable; inescapable; ineludible; predetermined; predestined.

Change is growth or increase; expansion; development in the boundaries of inherent natural and spiritual laws.

Change is necessary or indispensable; essential; requisite; mandatory; imperative for advancement and progress.

things that never change…

The natural laws of creation will never change.

The Truth never changes but your understanding of it evolves.

The purposes or will; intention; the original desire of God never change.

The principles or precepts; decrees; commandments; statutes of God never change.

Man predicts or foretells; prophesies; forecast; calls; confess his failure when he begins to abate, temper or alter; modify; reform, adjust; rework; tweak; revise; reshape; refashion things that should never be changed.

truths about change...

Change produces or triggers; brings about; evokes crises.

Change in life is always in proportion to your quality of knowledge.

Change disrupts or unsettles; agitates; upsets; confuses; unnerves tradition.

Change comes to make tradition obsolete or extinct; archaic; defunct; antiquated.

Change should never be at the expense or cost; loss; forsaking; sacrifice of principles.

Change not regulated or directed; controlled; maintained; governed in order will bring destruction.

Change can develop or enlarge; broaden; advance; promote - but change can also destroy or ruin; trash; annihilate; obliterate; eradicate; spoil; overpower; defeat; kill.





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