trials are…

Trials are built-in or incorporated; integral; fitted into the journey of faith.

Trials are not sent to destroy you but to prove the existence or reality; validity; authenticity; genuineness of your faith.

Trials are not as important or significant as how you handle or manage; deal with; tackle them.

Trials are permitted or allowed; admitted by God to establish whether you really have the faith for your vision.

trials reveal…

Trials reveal a Man’s true nature or character.

Trials reveal or exhibit; display; uncover; manifest the power of God.

trials and confidence…

Trials prove if you will still have confidence during the waiting season.

trials and destiny…

The bigger your trial and test, the bigger your assignment and destiny in life.

trials and faith…

Trials prove or verify; confirm; determine; establish if your faith exists or is alive.

trials and God…

God will only allow you to go through trials and tests He believes you can overcome.

Trials give you a personal experience of God that no one can take from you or persuade you to forget.

trials and life…

Trials remind you that you are still living.

Trials allow or enable you to know for yourself or how strong and powerful you are.

Trials never finish or come to an end or retire, exit and or expire and depart from a Man’s life.

How you handle trials, pressure, test, attacks and challenges in life is God’s laboratory of experiment for Him to trust you. For testing or trying your faith is God’s prerequisite for trusting you - in other words, God will never trust whom He did not test or permit to go under trials.