questions are…

Questions are a seed for change and transformation.

Questions are a link or connector; liaison; bond to your future.

Questions are the proof of humility and the evidence of passion.

questions and answers…

Answers are the employees or laborers; hired servants of questions.

No Man can recognize or acknowledge; appreciate; celebrate; perceive the presence of an answer without asking a question.

There are questions in life that you will never be able to answer, you must settle that, or else, you will be depressed, stagnant, confused, bitter, angry and oppressed.

When you speak, you only learn what you know, but when you listen, ask questions and hear answers, you learn or acquire knowledge; discover; comprehend; understand what the other Man knows.

questions and deceit…

Questions expose or uncover; reveal; disclose; detect; unmask; bring to light deceivers and unveil hypocrites or fraudsters; liars; con-artists; pretenders; fakers; cheaters.

questions and decisions…

Decisions are easy to make when you ask enough or sufficient; adequate; ample; rich questions.

questions and faith…

Questions inspired by purpose furnish a visionary with rich answers that strengthen his resolve and fortify his Faith.

The quality or caliber; standard; value of your questions determines the strength of your vision and the depth of your faith or belief.

questions and mentorship…

Questions qualify or license; authorize; empower you to receive from a mentor.

Questions create intimacy or closeness; fellowship; confidence; companionship with a mentor.

Questions to a mentor reveal or disclose; unveil; expose; uncover and communicate your passion.

questions and passion…

Questions reveal the depth of your passion or how much you care or are interested; concerned; engaged; involved.

questions and receiving…

A Man’s unwillingness to ask questions automatically disqualifies him or rule him out; debars him to receive answers.