discouragement is…

Discouragement is the cousin of scattered focus and the nephew of ill discipline.

Discouragement is birthed by the absence or lack; scarcity; death of a clear vision.

discouragement and assignment…

When your work has its source in your divine purpose and assignment, discouragement will never derail or foil; inhibit; sabotage; thwart; block your stride or walk; pace; tread to your glorious destiny.

discouragement and complaining…

Where complaining dines, the dish of discouragement and fear is sumptuously or opulently; lavishly served and quitters, gossipers, haters and conformers happily commune.

discouragement and faith…

It is the worry you decide to keep that will metastasize and allow fear to administer the drug of discouragement that guarantees the contamination of faith and the immediate evacuation of hope.

Without His faith developing and growing in you, hope eludes you, joy escapes your bosom and discouragement becomes your constant companion.

discouragement and fear...

Any labor driven by ambition and motivated by a voracious desire to meet your own needs without God stems from the spirit of fear hence discouragement will crown its every footstep.

Discouragement is incontrovertible evidence that the estate of your mind is under the jurisdiction of fear.

Fear and discouragement will always host the course of any Man whose footsteps are led by ambition and is entirely leaning on his own strength.

discouragement and the Word of God...

Discouragement only vacates or ceases to occupy; surrenders possessions; gives up; leaves a position; evacuates at the command of the Word of God richly dwelling in you.