deliverance is…

Deliverance is the release from the oppressor and freedom is the release from oppression.

Deliverance is rescue or saving; liberation; recovery and or to be set free from bondage - and bondage or to be bound means to be confined, restrained; restricted; yoked; subjugated; in toiling.

deliverance and destiny…

Inside the Heavenly assembled and Holy Spirit-delivered package of deliverance is the Grace to retain or preserve; keep; protect; safeguard your footsteps from the path of destruction and The Light to eliminate or eradicate; terminate; abolish the darkness that was commandeering or high jacking; confiscating your destiny.

When the purpose and true cost of freedom is unknown, deliverance becomes a frivolous permit or license to indulge and quench the insatiable desires of the flesh at the expense of destiny.

deliverance and faith...

A Man’s faith decides the timing of his deliverance.

Wandering in the frustrating debacle of mundane existence, the quandary of mediocrity, the futility of conformity and the confidence shattering sense of purposelessness is a guaranteed reality when faith and trust in His delivering power is absent.

deliverance and freedom...

Deliverance is instant but freedom is a process or growth; development; course.

A citizenry delivered from the iron shackles of oppression but are oblivious to the momentous responsibility of freedom will always remain a beggarly nation.

Deliverance will never lead to true freedom when obedience to the Word of God remains a luxury indulged in when the mood, time and circumstances are convenient.

Deliverance does not always lead or guide; escort; usher; pilot Man to his desired domain of freedom.