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Sculpture is an artistic form in which a material is worked into a three-dimensional object. Sculptures can also be described as assemblage, in the round, and relief. An innumerable variety of materials or media can be used to create a sculpture, for example: stone, wax, fabric, clay metal, plaster, rubber, and random found objects or materials. The materials may be molded, constructed, chiseled, carved, modeled, wrought, sewn, assembled, welded, cast, or shaped and combined.

Sculpture is not an established term that applies to a permanently circumscribed category of objects or sets of activities founded on set principles. It is, rather, the name of an art that develops, evolves, grows and changes hence is continually extending the scope of its activities and producing new kinds of objects.

All three-dimensional forms have an expressive character as well as purely geometric properties. They can be considered by the viewer as graceful, diaphanous, confrontational, rigid, flowing, relaxed, spirited or smooth. By exploiting the expressive qualities of form, a sculptor is able to create images in which subject matter and expressiveness of form are mutually reinforcing. Such images go beyond the mere presentation of fact and communicate a wide range of innate and strong feelings.



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