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The Manyika people (wana-saManyika) are a spirited, steadfast, prudent and proud Shona tribe with their own dialect, ‘Manyika.’ The Manyika predominantly emanate from the eastern region of Zimbabwe. The language is widely spoken in Manicaland province and in certain areas of Manica province in the neighboring country, Mozambique. The Manyika dialect somewhat varies from region to region in Manicaland. Those from Nyanga, Nyamaropa, Nyatate and surrounding regions have a different tone and shaping of words compared to those from Buhera and Bocha areas. There are inherent endemic cultural norms in each of the sub-regions that constitute the Manyika people.

The Manyika dialect is a broad dialect of the Shona language. Largely spoken by the ‘SaManyika’, it encompasses ChiBocha, ChiUngwe and ChiManyika from which the broad Manyika dialect gets its name from. This ChiManyika spoken by people in the northern parts of Manicaland province of Zimbabwe, (Nyanga, Honde Valley and Mutasa area) whilst ChiBocha is spoken by people in the southern part of Manicaland.



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