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Series I: Divine Inspiration

Oil, cow dung, animal hide, metal, earth, electrical wire, denim, butt hinges, foam board, debris remnants of a suitcase, zip on canvas

41 x 31 inches (104.14 x 78.74 cm)


© Nya′ 2006. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York Photo by House of Seed Photography, New York


Shards of a discarded vintage suitcase and the remnants of an old leather bag were carefully preserved prior to being secured onto the canvas ground. To ascertain a permanent bond, the roughly polished metal and door hinges along the left side of the composition were nailed, screwed and glued onto the wooden stretcher. The text, particularly the old English font at the foot of the picture plane was created by digging into the overlaid texture with a carpenter’s box cutter. The balance of the raised letters above the white horizontal bars separating the composition into 2 parts were created by applying a thick paste of gypsum and latex paint. To prevent the composition from peeling and cracking and to avoid the effects of humidity, the composition was left to naturally cure for over 120 days before color was introduced. The painting is housed in a custom engineered frame and is shielded from harmful UV light rays by a tailor cut museum glass. The artist signature is rendered in gold at the bottom left corner of the canvas.


Year of completion: 2005

Artist Private Collection: 2005 – 2006

Seed Gallery Private Collection: 2006 – To date


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