Painting Synopsis
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In a concentrated verve to emancipate himself from the vestiges of his representational paintings that had dominated his work between 1999–2003, “Redeemer of Dreams,” birthed in 2005 is one of Nya’s first innovative approaches.

The painting gives the impression of a burning townscape, yet also dissolves to a tapering extremity of near abstraction through a deluge of texture, angular lines, emphatic brushstrokes and an almost 'armegedonic' use of crimson, scarlet, burnt orange and ash black hues. “Redeemer of Dreams” traces the roots of the word ‘work’ .

As represented by the old and rusty suitcase handle and satchel zip towards the foot of the painting, only when one discovers and unlocks their divine purpose and assignment in life can they begin to journey towards their vision while applying work as a tool to realize their defined goals.

The solitude, adversities and tribulations that accompany one's journey, as depicted by the harsh metal, corroding umbers and ashes smeared around the canvas is inadequate to curtail the pertinacious faith, consuming passion and the resolute determination of the visionary as they become themselves, manifest their inherent nature and reveal their true identity through their work.

The overt red inks, celestial purple and a hint of Ashanti gold colors portrayed in the enthralling composition delineate the power of passion, the eminence of prayer and the indispensability of faith in one’s quest to find the key to unlock their purpose and discover their work - thereby setting them free from the monotonous quandary of capricious existence.

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