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When Nya’ first arrived in New York city, the then young artist was extremely vivacious, but naive, extraordinarily zealous, but lacked knowledge, and was exceedingly confident, but without vision.

After a pertinacious series of strenuously dismal attempts to secure representation from mainstream galleries, it became abjectly evident that although the branded galleries that saw his work acknowledged that his prodigious talent and the unparalleled ingenuity of his unorthodox work which exuded passion, wis­dom and maturity was undeniable, they were unwilling to take the risk, invest the resources and embrace an artist considered green.

Therefore, in the vortex of despair, virtually trapped in the debris of disappointment and frustration, penniless and homesick, the artist embarked on an ethereal series of highly emotive works that serenaded the supernatural and mysterious power of faith. A spiritual force and ever-growing torrent, which, according to the artist, “is grander than life and is the sole authority with imperishable power to resurrect any Man from the tomb of melancholy to heights beyond cognition.”

Officially completed in 2004 but residing on the artist’s easel for over a decade, “Yonder of Eternal Excellency” is one of the main paintings that birthed the series, “Divine Inspiration.”

The painting is a clear departure from the varied tones of distinguished pigments that shaped his early works; and as Nya’ began to explore the transient nature of color, it resulted in a gestural piece deeply reflective and charged with raw emotions. The canvas becomes an altar of petition, a prayer room and a revelatory mantle where a desperate soul earnestly receives holy counsel, divine protection, supernatural Grace and the Peace of God, Peace from God and Peace with God from the nefarious Babylonian spirits still administering the world systems.

Nya' amalgamates synthetic hues, namely Egyptian sienna, Ethiopian black, crimson red, cadmium red, pyrrol red, scarlet red, quinacridone rust, iridescent fine gold, dove white, with potent dabs of lamb’s blood, broken glass, broken nails, broken parchments, charcoal, thorns, salvaged fragments of metal and earth to create a composition that is immediately captivating, replete with revelation truths, and rich in biblical history and imagery.

Conclusively, while “Yonder of Eternal Excellency,” journals the Holy Spirit-directed footsteps of the Apostle Paul, the evocative painting also discourses the eminence of prudence, passion, prayer persistence, partnership and people in accomplishing every divine assignment. But most importantly, the composition soaked in intense hues and shades of scarlet and crimson conceptually captures the irrevocable and immutable blood covenant that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords made with Mankind through the pristine, precious and perfect blood of his only begotten Son which gave back to Mankind his Creator’s burden-removing, yoke-destroying, identity, purpose-restoring, faith-quickening, vision-fulfilling and world-transforming anointing, THE HOLY SPIRIT.

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