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When one prudently examines Nya’s oeuvre, especially works from his “Divine Inspiration” series, it becomes glaringly incontrovertible that his mother’s influence is inoculated into the soul of each work. However, this is portrayed in extremely subtle undertones that only capture the ethereal essence of the maternal bond.

A splendid illustration is this 2006 painting entitled “My Boathouse.” The heavily textured masterpiece, weighing over 5 pounds and comprising of concrete, steel, construction bolts, discarded metal and a deluge of sand is grounded on carefully treated canvas layered with gypsum, crushed rocks and sackcloth.

Despite the callous materials, “My Boathouse” visually chronicles the abiding peace, the abounding Grace and the boundless mercy that prevails on the journey of a faith-filled visionary. Seemingly oblivious to the looming peril (represented by the marauding waves portrayed in thick cascading layers of flaking white and grayish hues), and unperturbed by the imminent cataclysm (vividly represented by the dense blue clouds encompassing the small “boat”), the faith-led “voyager” traverses the treacherous course to his glorious destiny with a calmness of spirit that defies logic and befuddles human capacity of reasoning.

However, without a steering compass or key traceable elements that are occasionally perceptible in some of the artist’s distinguished works, the viewer is left to ponder: is “My Boathouse” alluding to Nya’s arduous birth and the abject despair, despondency, dejection and depression he has endured in pursuit of his calling? Or is he narrating his mother’s horrendous ordeal during and after childbirth? Or perhaps the mundane complexities she diurnally endured as a single mother raising a brawny son with a “special gift” in an unimaginably nescient society; or perhaps the painting, with its rich biblical overtones, is alluding to the Peace that surpasses all understanding which is granted by Christ to every citizen of His Kingdom?

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