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In his riveting biography, Nya’ describes his mother as his first gallerist, patron and mentor; a steadfast partner and the bedrock upon which he built his visual vocabulary. Despite her lack of conventional education, Nya’ explains how his mother comprehended the “rarity” of his gift and the importance of consciously guiding him with superlative counsel and whole-hearted aid in a spirit of perfect harmony.

To ascertain that her potent words would remain paramount at the vanguard of Nya’s psyche, habitual “Power Seminars” between the mother and son were compulsory. Employing the “Anointed Scriptures” as the foundation, a book that the mother revered and described as “The Incorruptible Seed,” she would patiently plod through the Bible with her son and conspicuously exhibit to him how his gift was engrafted to every aspect of his life. And in this painting, “Eternal letters to My Beloved,” Nya′ partially unveils the wondrously untellable splendors he unearthed from the Sacred Text through his mother and how they are keenly embedded within every pore of his oeuvre.

The composition is rendered in the form of a love letter; or an internal monologue that percolates into an eternal conversation, without an ascribed end or beginning. The impeccable script, all in lowercase, except for the capitalized H in the words, He, Him and His, an unambiguous allusion to the Holy Trinity, was created by mixing gypsum powder, water, house paint and contact cement into a thick paste which was then used to compose the relief font that make up the contents of the letter.

While the scattered ashes around the nucleus of the composition allude to the avalanche of Grace showered upon the earth by our Heavenly Father, the warm palette, comprised of pearl, dove, snow white and shades of gold represent the supernatural ability of God’s Word to perennially bear fruit wherever it is preached, heard, received, confessed and professed.

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