Painting Synopsis
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Nya’s visual lexicon references African beliefs, customs and aspirations while revealing Mankind’s fervent yet apocryphal search for abiding peace and the intrinsic threads that tie African, Middle Eastern and Jewish faiths as recorded in the Old and New Testament.

The artist’s method of building up texture from the foundation of his surfaces gives his work an acute sense of depth and allows the viewer’s eye to penetrate into the very nucleus of the painting.

This is keenly portrayed in this 2007 painting entitled, “Epistle of Breath.” Constructed after a four-year research and study of the word, “Blessing,” a revelatory journey which meditatively involved in depth study of the Old and New Covenants, “Epistle of Breath” portrays the dominating, subduing, replenishing, rejuvenating and restoring power of “THE BLESSING OF THE LORD,” which, upon decoding the precisely indented icons and numbers deliberately placed across the plane of the canvas, is translated by the artist as follows:

“The power, anointing and endowment on Man to excel to the highest level in the likeness of his heavenly Father."

While the orange and gold shades beaming across the picture field allude to the authority of the Blessing to create and maintain an ideal environment of peace, joy, prosperity and liberty wherever God’s Word is instituted as Law; the crimson hue cascading from a horizontal bar to form an open bridge between the light and dark shades represent the precious blood of Jesus, the lamb that was slain to restore THE BLESSING OF THE LORD to Mankind.

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