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In his riveting biography, Nya′ states how the absence of a physical “father” in his life did not encumber his precocious development, but to the contrary, positively incited him to seek and wholly understand the principle meaning of ‘a father.’ Even though the theme of fatherhood was first introduced in an early figurative painting entitled “Virgin Love,” this painting, “Blueprint of Grace,” replaces the ebullient and psychedelic colors that dominated his early works with a more confident, yet subtle and refined palette that connotes the ethereal mirth, immeasurable peace and abiding love that engulfs one’s consummate being in the presence of our “Heavenly Father.”

Distinguished by its strict graphic regularity, a severe formal restraint and an impalpable sublimity, “Blueprint of Grace” uses the artist’s ingenious method of indenting wire-shaped and plaster raised letters on affixed layers of found materials; a keenly laborious technique he has gradually honed over the last three decades. The graphic clarity of Nya’s rhythmic marks, accentuated by a combination of symmetric gestures and an inconspicuous palette establishes a fluid lyrical elegance and a painterly language that solely expresses the transcendental and anomalous elements.

The use of a young sheep’s blood to partially blanket the New Covenant derived text on the soul of the picture plane makes it unambiguous that the painting is alluding to the sacrificial and steadfast love of an Omnipotent and Omniscient Father who had already designed a plan to bring His beloved children back into his rich inheritance long before they transgressed and declared independence. The Father, whose immaculate character, forgiving nature, faithfulness, ineffable mercy and immeasurable compassion, as depicted by the mellifluous whites effortlessly intercoursing with variant shades of gold to birth a seamless whole, is His eternal image.

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